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  • Detailed: 1.Dual polarization single out.2.Low noise temperature.3.Economical and easy to install.4.High quality and waterproof.5.One satellite connect with one receiver.
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  • Detailed: 1.C-band V&H outputs.2.Connect with multi-switch to use.3.Superior noise temperature and low phase noise for digital reception.4.Easy installation,qualified for working in hard environments.
  • Detailed: 1.Dual polarity switchable by 13/18V.2.High performance for any application.3.Easy installation,qualified for working in hard environments.4.Multi-switch design inside achieve one satellite with two or four receivers.
  • Detailed: 1.One cable solution single output.2.Low noise temperature.3.High gain output and digital ready.4.Economical and easy to install.5.High quality and waterproof.
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